Thumb Drop's story started sometime last month (October 2011) when we got together and discuss the idea of having a special project for Christmas again this year. As two heads are better than one, we came up with the idea of making a home for Gumdrops but we wanted it to be different from all the other toon homes on the Web so we chose to use everyday items to make the various pieces of furniture, fences, etc. Then we decided that if Gumdrop was to have furniture made out of pill boxes, ice lolly sticks (popsicle), cell phone, small tin jewel box, etc., then he might as well be Tom Thumb but he's a Drop, not a Tom, so we named him Thumb Drop. That's why we're presenting to you our "Thumb Drop's Christmas".

Once we started the project, we found that it would be a shame to work that hard for a project that could be used only in the Winter, more specifically, during the Holidays. That is why you will find a Summer version of EVERYTHING that is included in this project... Want to know what EVERYTHING is made of???


  • House = tree trunk
  • House Lid = slice of a tree trunk
  • House Roof = fir tree
  • Roof Tree Decorations = pinecones and small beads
  • Outhouse = carved driftwood, ice lolly sticks, and twigs
  • Fences = candy canes and ice lolly (popsicle) sticks
  • Mailbox = soup can, twig, stamp, and toothpick


  • Bed = burned out matches for the frame, sponge for the mattress
  • Bedside Tables = match box cut in half
  • Crib = match box drawers
  • Television = cell/mobile phone
  • Television Table = pill box
  • Sofa = 2 ring boxes (the inside ring cushions are used for the back and the closed boxes are the seats)
  • Table = pill box top and cotton reel
  • Chairs = burned out matches, pill box tops and ice lolly (popsicle) sticks
  • Kitchen Cabinet = 3 match boxes cut in half to have 6 drawers
  • Kitchen Sink = 2 1/2 match boxes cut in half to have 5 drawers, soft drink bottle cap for the sink and drinking straw for the faucet
  • Stove = tin jewel box for the stove and hosepipe for the flue
  • Wall Clock = pocket watch
  • Picture Frames = heart locket
  • Carpet = crocheted drinks mat
  • Calendar = notepad
  • Bath = eye bath and drinking straw
  • Christmas Tree = bottle brush and small beads
  • Ceiling light = Christmas tree light

Creation: Trumarcar and France - Testing (MANY times): Alisa



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