KCTC celebrates its 3rd Anniversary today, August 14, 2010. We, KCTC Members, have decided to take Vila and her friends to the beach for the occasion. The invitation is extended to you too since you all are Vila's friends, right? Of course. We knew that!

But wait!! If you want to go to the beach you will need a beach to go to... Ocean beach or even a lake beach. Blue skies and grey skies (everybody knows it is not always sunny). Clothes... Beach toys and sand castles... The bravest among you might want to do some snorkelling! You'll also need some lotion or cream to protect your body... A cooler to pack your lunch in or a Snack Bar where you can grab something to eat.

While you're there you'll surely want to buy some little souvenirs at Vila's Souvenir Shop. You might have a drink with your friends at the bar and if you want to relax while eating a good meal you'll go to the little Café. And there has to be some music...

Ooops! I almost forgot: don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures with your digital camera!

To get ready for our vacations visit this section of KCTC Freebies and download everything you'll need to go to the beach with us! (The only product you might want to use with this project that is not included is Vila by Nursoda).

Note about the promo image at the top of the page: Except for Vila and Lin Hair, you'll get everything you see on that image plus much more! ENJOY!


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